USGA releases web-based tool to track maintenance resources

The USGA has introduced Resource Management, a new web-based product that is part of its effort to better help golf facilities be economically and environmentally sustainable.  

USGA Resource Management is a map-based tool that allows facility managers to understand better their consumption of resources — such as labor, water and fuel — and to measure accurately, even down to the square foot, the allocation of these resources to each feature of the golf course. The data will help facilities manage their maintenance practices in ways that reduce costs while also improving the experience for golfers.

“As the cost of maintaining a golf course continues to rise, facilities increasingly need smart tools and data to operate efficiently,” said Rand Jerris, the USGA’s senior managing director of Public Services. “For nearly a century, the USGA has helped improve golf course operations and golfer experience through educational materials, research, and agronomic and environmental consulting services. This investment in technology is an important next step, which will help facilities realize immediate benefits through simple and effective behavioral changes.” 

The USGA Resource Management tool features a user-friendly interface that empowers superintendents and facility managers to perform “what-if” analyses and develop models that quantify the financial impacts of proposed changes in maintenance.

Another key feature is the ability to generate visual mapping of golfer traffic, allowing facility managers to focus maintenance and resources on the areas that are most heavily used, while reducing unnecessary costs on acreage that has little to no impact on golfer experience.

“Information and data are critical in our business,” said Darrell Marcinek, director of golf maintenance for the Somerset County Park Commission. “This tool would take the guesswork out of our budgeting, and the end product will be better for the golfers because we’re maximizing our limited resources. The USGA is at the forefront of our industry. There’s nothing on the market that I’m aware of that does what this tool does.”

The USGA released an image of the product that shows the maintenance costs for a bunker on one hole. It tracks the cost of labor brokend down by task, energy, materials and equipment.  

The USGA also has begun working with the industry to develop additional functionalities.

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