Trump hopes to build course on Plum Island


Donald Trump has floated an idea to build a golf course on property in New York that the federal government uses as a testing facility for animal diseases.

If he can win community approval and settle on a price with the Obama administration, Trump would build the track on Plum Island, an 840-acre tract off Long Island. No specifics have yet been announced.

Due to the nature of the research that’s conducted there, Plum Island — a place Hannibal Lechter called “Anthrax Island” – is restricted territory controlled by Homeland Security. It’s for sale, though, as its disease center will be relocated to Kansas in 2019.

Trump, who believes he’s universally adored – really, he told Newsday that he’s “adored all over the world” – has promised to build “a really beautiful, world-class golf course.” Of course, he’ll first have to prove that the site isn’t a threat to public health.

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