Statesville Country Club about to be acquired


The wealthy owner of Conover, North Carolina’s Rock Barn Golf & Spa, a resort that hosts an annual event on the Champions Tour, is closing in on his second golf property.

Next month, Don Beaver expects to buy and begin upgrading Statesville Country Club, a 70-year-old facility in Statesville with an 18-hole golf course and a clubhouse in need of improvement. The club defaulted on some loans earlier this year – its president recently described it as having “run out of money” and “run out of options” – and it persuaded Beaver to save its skin.

Beaver, who made his money in health care, owns two minor-league baseball teams in North Carolina and another in New Orleans, Louisiana. He made a national name for himself in the late 1990s, when he tried to buy the Minnesota Twins and move them to Greensboro.

At Statesboro, Beaver said in a comment published by the Statesville Record & Landmark, “the emphasis will be to grow the membership so the club can have the revenues for a first-class facility.” To attract new members, Beaver has promised that “dues will remain reasonable.”

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