SF course wins battle over renovation

The golfers of metropolitan San Francisco, California won an important battle last week, as the city’s planning commission implicitly endorsed the bitterly debated restoration of Sharp Park Golf Course.

The 18-hole, municipal layout, an Alister MacKenzie design that dates from the early 1930s, has been in need of a total overhaul for well over a decade. Because the course is home to some endangered species, however, environmentalists have been fighting the improvement plans for years, both in and out of court, their goal being to return the property to something resembling its natural state.

“It’s inevitable that this project is going to be stopped,” an opponent proclaimed to the San Francisco Chronicle. “The only question is how soon it will happen.”

In the most recent round of hostilities, opponents demanded a full environmental impact report on the restoration proposal, a request that the commission unanimously rejected.

The course’s fate is now in the hands of the city/county recreation and park commission. If it rules in favor of the restoration, an appeal will be filed with the board of supervisors.

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