Scottsdale National dumps members

Has Bob Parsons pulled a fast one on some unwanted members of Scottsdale National Golf Club?

Parsons, the GoDaddy creator who recently purchased the financially troubled club in suburban Phoenix, Arizona, has concluded that it was being drained by members who played too often and offered full refunds to those who don’t wish to be part of the ultra-exclusive “national club” he aims to create. In a letter explaining his vision of the future, Parsons outlined new policies – in particular, a limit of 30 rounds per year – that reportedly caused 65 members to accept the buyout.

Then, once those members had resigned, Parsons eliminated the 30-round limit for all remaining members and trimmed their monthly dues by $100.

Parsons’ moves have ticked off some of the recently departed. “He promised one thing and did something else,” one of them complained to the Arizona Republic.

Parsons currently has 109 members at Scottsdale National. He doesn’t plan to begin soliciting more members for a year or more, until he completes planned improvements to the club’s golf course and builds a new clubhouse.


Sounds like my kind of owner - weed out the posers

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