Most admired golf developments

Golf is a hard game. It might be a harder business.

What does it take to make a golf course thrive, particularly in these times? Sure, looks count. But that’s only one part of the equation. What other elements are required for the course to have economic might — either realized or the vast potential for it. 

We asked golf course operators, developers and industry experts to share their thoughts on which recent golf course developments they admire the most from a business standpoint. Which ones work magic, both for players and investors?

After getting input, we researched the nominees and narrowed the list down to 10. Interestingly,  we found big winners everywhere, at both public and private venues, and at every price point.

Some are destination courses, like the world-renowned links at Bandon Dunes. Some are celebrity-designed courses at exclusive clubs, like the ones you’ll find at Martis Camp in California’s High Sierras or at Creighton Farms in Virginia’s hunt country. Some courses are known for their charming settings, like the tranquil desert layouts at We-Ko-Pa Golf Club in Arizona. We even identified three municipal tracks.

Notwithstanding the differences, these 10 golf properties have set themselves apart by offering something that their customers simply can’t live without. It didn’t come easy for any of them. To establish their reputations, they had to promote themselves effectively, build trust among doubters, establish reliable sources of income and, above all, maintain a quality product.

Today, these properties are the envy of their competitors. 

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