Mega-resort planned for Las Vegas with three golf courses

Can you guess where developers are planning to build a mega-resort with a Jack Nicklaus “signature” course, a Bill Coore-designed “natural” course and, last but most certainly not least, “a perfect mirror image” of the Old Course at St. Andrews? Dubai, maybe? Tianjin? Sochi? The correct answer: Las Vegas. Eurasia Resorts International, a Bahamian group with pronounced Russian overtones, wants to build the golf courses and much, much more on 3,000 acres of publicly owned desert outside Sin City, “not too far,” it says, from the Strip. The spread has been master-planned to include 39 casinos, 45 hotels, indoor and outdoor theme parks, a convention center, the world’s largest shopping mall, the world’s largest Ferris wheel, sports arenas, a private airport and lots of places to eat, drink and be deliriously merry. Eurasia Resorts hopes to break ground on the property’s initial phases next year, but its construction schedule ultimately depends on the willingness of partners to roll the dice on such a pie-in-the-sky venture.


I am VP of Business with Coore & Crenshaw and we don't know anything about this project.

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