Mazz Golf Management adds another Nevada course to its portfolio

Wildcreek Golf Course was previously managed by Duncan Golf Management until the company turned it over the county due to impacts from COVID-19 in April.
  • Reopened on July 1 under new management by Mazz Golf Management
    Wildcreek Golf Course

A golf course in Nevada reopened on July 1 under new management. Wildcreek Golf Course is now being managed by Mazz Golf Management. 

If this story sounds familiar, you’re right. This is the second golf course that Mazz Golf Management now operates around Reno. 

Owner of Mazz Golf Management, Mike Mazzaferri, told a local TV station in northern Nevada that he couldn’t let it become a field of weeds. 

“When Wildcreek closed this Spring, 99 holes of public golf had closed in Washoe County alone,” Mazzaferri said. “I just got it in my head that we needed to do something to save this place.”

In 2010, Mazzaferri did something similarly at Sierra Sage Golf Course in Stead. Washoe County was set to close the course before Mazzaferri stepped in. A decade later, he’s still there and Sierra Sage is flourishing.

“We just made it very welcoming for local golfers,” Mazzaferri said. “You put good conditions out there with good value and they’ll come.”

As part of his plan, Mazzaferri says he wants to partner with the new high school that is being built adjacent to Wildcreek and get more young golfers playing the game.

“I think they’ll be great neighbors for a facility like this,” Mazzaferri said. “Hopefully this will be the home of the Hug High golf team as well.”

Washoe County Board of Commissioners approved the professional management services agreement with Mazz Golf Management in late June. Mazz opened the facility back up just a week after receiving the keys to the golf course. 

Mazz Golf Management’s agreement with Washoe County lasts through November 15, 2020 at which point they’ll submit a proposal to continue operating Wildcreek. 

Wildcreek is a is an executive 9-hold course located near Reno in Sparks, Nevada that originally opened in 1978.  

Duncan Golf Management, a family-owned company in Nevada’s capital city area, relinquished control of the course in late-April amid the COVID-19 pandemic and reverted it to the county on April 24. Two months later, Mazz Golf Mangement was awarded the contract form Washoe County. 

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