Landscapes takes over accounting functions for Thornberry Creek

The Oneida Golf Enterprise Corporation has retained Landscapes Management Co. to handle all golf operation-related accounting services for its Thornberry Creek golf course. It’s part of Landscapes Unlimited’s fractional-services program, named Landscapes Select.

Oneida Golf lost its senior accountant in July 2016, just a couple months after instituting a point-of-sale package from EZLinks Golf. What followed was a less-than-successful effort to hire another senior accountant with both golf-industry knowledge and experience with the new point-of-sale system.

“We brought on a local accounting firm to pick up the slack,” said General Manager Justin Fox. “But they were pricey and only had limited availability; we required much more. With all these transitions and the fact that we do the bulk of our rounds and outings during a 120-day period each summer, our financials sort of fell by the wayside.”

Enter the Lincoln, Neb.-based operator. While several third-party managers today offer a menu of fractional or a la carte services, Landscapes Management pioneered this trend back in 2007. In addition to accounting, Landscapes offers Select management services in the areas of food & beverage, golf operations & programming, membership development, course maintenance, merchandizing & retail, marketing & sales, event development, and business strategy.

“Fact is, we’ve been at this a whole lot longer than our competitors and in some cases they are simply not built to provide fractional services, or to effectively compete with us in this way,” said Mark Mattingly, Landscapes vice president of business development.

Mattingly joined the company in 2012 with more than 25 years experience in the field.

Fox said he appreciates the fractional services approach because it fills a specific need with established practices to meet those unique needs. Oneida Nation of Wisconsin purchased Thornberry Creek in 2009 to complement its hotels and casinos. The Thornberry Creek LPGA Classic will visit Oneida this July 3-9, the first of a three-year commitment.

“We really needed to keep the LPGA event separate, in terms of accounting, so that we could assess the ROI, and how the tournament affected the rest of our operation,” Fox said. “This was new for us. We needed to create a whole separate accounting entity, and we needed somebody in here who could handle that.”

Thornberry Creek is the official course of the Green Bay Packers and the new LPGA event will further build this separate, golf-specific brand. 

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