#inviteHER is latest effort to bring more women into golf

A new industry initiative is aimed at encouraging more women to play golf. The effort, called #inviteHER, is being pushed by We Are Golf and the LPGA Women’s Network. Its goal is to persuade golfers to get the women in their lives to take up the game. 

“The appetite for golf is at a historic level with a latent demand of 38 million Americans,” says Steve Mona, CEO of the World Golf Foundation, administrator of We Are Golf. “Last year, 35 percent of the game’s 2.6 million new players were female, and we are confident #inviteHER is a huge step in the right direction to continue increasing this number while making the game more inclusive.”

Both male and female golfers are encouraged to use online resources and social media to bring friends, colleagues and family to join them on the course. The goal is to create an enjoyable experience for women interested in taking up the game or returning to it. 

Currently about 24 percent of the nation’s 24 million golfers are female, according to We Are Golf.

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