Hepner gets Boothbay Harbor renovation


In an attempt to create a destination-worthy venue, the new owner of a golf club in Boothbay, Maine has turned to one of Tom Doak’s former associates — Bruce Hepner.

Paul Coulombe has allotted $4 million for a makeover of Boothbay Harbor Country Club, a property he purchased earlier this year, after it failed to sell at an auction. The club features an 18-hole track whose original nine opened in 1921.

“I want this course to become a destination course in Maine,” Coulombe told the Boothbay Register. “I hope my investment will spur others to invest in our region.”

Hepner will oversee the work, which begins next month. Hepner is an architect with minimalist sympathies who operates out of an office near Doak’s in Traverse City, Michigan. Hepner says that his goal is to make the course “strategic, interesting, and playable.”

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