Hanse on Trump: we both want good golf

As his taste in golf design evolves, Donald Trump is winning new friends. And chief among them is Gil Hanse.

“The thing about Donald Trump is that he is passionate and knowledgeable about golf,” Hanse said in an interview with Sport360. “I have been teased a lot that his aesthetics does not necessarily match the one that we portray, but at the core, like us, he wants good golf.”

Hanse is working for Trump in both Florida and Dubai, so it’s safe to assume that he doesn’t want to bite the hand that feeds him. Still, two years ago nobody could have predicted that Hanse would get even one commission from Trump, let alone two.

“It is an odd partnership, in that we are very opposite,” Hanse concedes. “But at the core, he loves golf, and that is something that is sometimes lost on people.”

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