Golf and housing: upswing or downswing?

Golf and housing – is their relationship still on the rocks, or is there hope of a reconciliation?

Henry DeLozier, who once developed golf communities for Pulte Homes, believes that the reinvigorated U.S. housing industry will have a significant influence on future golf development. “Developers and home builders, as they have for decades, will continue to view golf courses and country clubs as primary amenities for many of their projects,” he writes in an essay published by Golf Course Industry.

Begging to differ, the Fiscal Times contends that the fortunes of golf-related real estate are on a “downswing” due to overbuilding, the high cost of maintenance and other factors, including a growing preference for amenities such as lakes, hiking trails, organic gardens and yoga centers. Its conclusion: “Experts believe that golf as a primary home amenity is in a decline that may be permanent.”

Based on these conflicting views, can anyone predict where this marriage of convenience is headed?

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