Florida Keys Country Club sale pending


As its members gradually disappear, an equity club in Marathon, Florida is anticipating a change of ownership.

A group led by the city’s finance director has agreed to buy the 53-year-old Florida Keys Country Club, pending approval of its redevelopment proposal. In a nutshell, the proposal consists of replacing the property’s clubhouse with a hotel and some “vacation cottages,” building a new clubhouse and making unspecified but “significant” improvements to its 18-hole, Mark Mahannah-designed golf course.

If all goes as planned, the sale would take place in early 2014 and the bulldozers would arrive a few months later.

The Florida Keys Reporter says that the club, which opened as Sombrero Country Club, once had as many as 280 members. It currently has 49 members with an ownership stake and 26 “club members.”

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