Els hopes to ink deals across globe

While he tends to a pair of courses under construction in Malaysia, Ernie Els is hoping to ink contracts for designs on three other continents.

The Big Easy told KPMG’s Golf Advisory Practice that he currently has work in China and Vietnam and that he’s dispatched staffers to check out opportunities in Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, unspecified places in the Caribbean and nations in Africa.

“For me, it’s not just about creating great golf courses for members and visitors,” Els said. “I want to help develop the game in these regions, bring kids into golf and, who knows, maybe discover a few star players in the future along the way.”

Els’ ideal grow-the-game scenario, it seems, is one that enables him to create a “signature” golf course accompanied by an Els Club, an Els Performance Academy, Els-branded residences and a Big Easy Wine Bar & Grill.

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