Drought threatens California courses

The drought in California is getting worse, and the state's golf courses could be seriously impacted if water restrictions become a reality. Some are already taking measures to cut back on their water usage.

"This could potentially be the driest water year in 500 years,” a University of California at Berkeley professor told the Daily Beast.

The state has stopped delivering water to local agencies that serve 25 million people and roughly 750,000 acres of farm land, and the Associated Press reports that 17 small, rural communities in Sonoma and Santa Cruz counties are “in danger of running out of water within four months.”

It’s important to note that the drought isn’t exclusively California’s problem, as water resources in Texas, Oregon, Arizona, Nevada and other states are also running perilously low. 


Years of Southwest drought quickly drove the early Indian Culture into extinction. Experts say, we're now facing with a new drought of possibly 30 years or more? Wondering if the big water guzzling golf courses of the SW are about to suffer the same fate? With water restrictions certain to increase, is the traditional golf course a suitable playing field for the future of the game?

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