Clubs tap into ClubCorp network.

In an effort to add some pizzazz to their membership marketing efforts, a pair of private clubs in greater Philadelphia, Pennsylvania have tapped into the ClubCorp network.

Members of Talamore Country Club in Ambler and Applecross Country Club in Downingtown, both owned by Bob Levy, now have access to some of ClubCorp’s more than 150 golf, business and sports clubs, along with a concierge service that will help them secure tickets to sports events, Broadway shows and concerts.

“We think this new benefit is extraordinary,” the general manager of Talamore said in a press release. “When our members are traveling, they don't miss a beat.”

Such “reciprocal” golf privileges have become very popular of late, as private clubs pull out the stops to add value to their memberships. But how much are they really worth? ClubCorp owns only two golf properties within an hour’s drive of Philadelphia, and dozens of the properties in its portfolio aren’t truly special. Membership may have its privileges, but some of them are offer less than meets the eye.

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