Burbank leases DeBell G.C.


It took nearly a year, but the city of Burbank, California has finalized a contract for the private operation of DeBell Golf Club.

Scott Scozzola, the director of golf at the 27-hole complex, has relieved the city of a headache by agreeing to a lease that the Burbank Leader says obligates him to pay $300,000 annually. Shortly after he takes the helm, in January 2014, Scozzola will also provide the city with a capital improvement program, as the complex has several pressing needs. Only one problem: DeBell, which is paying off a loan used to build a $9.4 million clubhouse, doesn’t generate enough income to pay for the upgrades that ought to be done immediately, let alone the forthcoming work that will inevitably be required.

So now the city has another headache: How to find $600,000, the estimated cost of the first wave of upgrades.

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