New Mexico muni to close unless new operator found

The Aztec Municipal Golf Course in Farmington, N.M., will be closed by the city if a new operator can’t be found by the end of the year, it was decided on March 12.

The current lease with operator Randy Hodge is costing the city $117,000 over the course of the three-year agreement – the contract calls for the city to make up any shortfall in operating costs vs. income. At the March 12 City Commission meeting, officials said while they want to be able to keep the course open for residents, they can’t justify the public subsidy.

The Farmington Daily Times newspaper reported that the current lease was signed in 2016. The city had the option of cancelling the lease with a 90-day notice, but several city commissioners said they hope a new operator or a new partner for Hodge can be found who can run the course without public underwriting.

By keeping the course open for 2019, the local high school golf team will have a home course for the season.


Nonsense! Aztec cost the city a measly $117 thousand. That's nothing to support such a city amenity. Why can the library, ball fields, parks, etc. cost a lot more than $117K, but not the golf course available to all citizens of all ages? Absolute insanity thinking. Mike Kahn

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