Women could add $35B to golf economy

Women could add $35 billion to the global golf economy, if golf courses were successful in getting them to play in greater numbers, according to new research by Syngenta.

The new report, ‘The Global Economic Value of Increased Female Participation in Golf’, surveyed 14,000 people in eight markets in North America, Europe and Asia. It was commissioned by Syngenta and conducted by an independent international market research company.

The study found that 29 percent of non-golfing females and lapsed players were either interested or very interested in taking up golf in the next two years. Being outdoors, relaxation and spending time with family and friends are the primary appeal factors to non-golfers.

It also found that women are 38 percent more likely than men to bring children to golf, indicating that increasing female participation would significantly boost the number of juniors taking up the game. Women account for just 24 percent of golfers worldwide.

“For the first time, we have been able to assess worldwide latent demand for golf among women and estimate the potential economic value to the global golf industry,” said Jeff Cox, Syngenta Global Head of Lawn & Garden. “As our survey shows, millions of women worldwide could be interested in taking up golf within the next two years.”

The report is free to download at www.unlockinggolfstruepotential.co.uk

Carin Koch, the 2015 European Solheim Cup Captain and Syngenta Golf Ambassador said: “As a professional golfer who has been fortunate to travel around the world, I know that golf is a game with global appeal to both men and women. I also know, as a mother of two children, that golf is a wonderful way to share time with family.”


No kidding. Only 51 % of the population. Not to mention minorities-another 20-30%

Golf courses should offer childcare during different times during the week. This care could be in the form of golf lessons to help children qualify for the Drive, Chip and Putt Championship. This could work with programs like First Tee. Courses can offer this free of charge or at minimal cost for females golfing 18 holes that day or in golf leagues.

Thank you for your observation Glen! I am a big proponent of your recommendation for golf courses to offer childcare for women taking golf lessons and participating in golf clinics. I am initiating this with my Latina Golfers Association based in Southern California.

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