Most powerful people in Asia announced

Ken and Tenniel Chu, chairman and vice chairman respectively of Mission Hills Group, are the most powerful Asians in golf, according to Golf Inc.’s annual ranking.

“To be placed at the forefront of the 2015 list of The Most Powerful People in Golf in Asia is a great honor and recognition,” said Dr. Ken Chu, who placed first. “This comes with greater responsibilities, which encourages us to continue doing our best in what we are passionate about. We are devoted to popularizing the game of golf in China and throughout the region.”

Golf Inc. partnered with Asia Pacific Golf Group this year to produce an expanded list of the most powerful Asians. The two publications pooled their resources to grow the list to 30 people, identifying 20 more power players than Golf Inc. had the year prior. The growth of the list is a direct reflection of the growth of golf in Asia, as close to 5,000 golf courses are currently in operation throughout the continent.

Honorees accepted their awards at the Asia Golf Awards held in Singapore on October 14 and 15.

“This is a perfect fit with the Asian Golf Awards which is without a doubt, an unmatched recognition program, that is held in very high esteem both in the region and globally,” said Angela Raymond, president of the APGG.

The magazine, which announced the Most Powerful People in Golf worldwide and in Europe earlier this summer, has published a list of influential golf executives in Asia for its third year. The partnership with the Asia Pacific Golf Group gives readers better insight into the influence held by these 30 businessmen and women. The selection process took more than three months before the panel made its final decision.

“This is a significant collaboration because it brings together two publishers who have been committed to identifying the people most important in helping to grow the game of golf on a global scale,” said Jack Crittenden, editor-in-chief of Golf Inc.

James Prusa, Golf Inc.’s Asian editor-at-large and senior editor of the APG spearheaded the project to bring insight from his on the ground experience in Asia.

“Making the selection was not an easy undertaking because we had a set of yardsticks by which to measure each candidate’s role and contribution to the growth of golf in Asia,” Prusa said.

One woman made the list, Madame Nguyen Thi Nga. As Managing Director of the BRG Group in Vietnam, she has established a business partnership with Jack Nicklaus to open his first design in Vietnam, at the BRG Legend Hill Golf Resort.

“I am delighted that the program that I worked hard on bringing to Asia has now grown to take on new dimensions and there has never been a better time to recognize and acknowledge the vision and effort of a select group of men and women who are drawing on their resources to grow the golf industry in the Asia Pacific,” Prusa said.

Among the leaders are chief executive officers of large Asian multi-national corporations, property developers, golf course owners and golf media owners.

The magazines also released a list of the Most Powerful People in Golf in Australia and New Zealand, which includes names like Brian Thorburn, CEO of PGA of Australia; Stephen Pitt, CEO of Golf Australia; and Dean Murphey, CEO of New Zealand Golf Association. 


Im very interested in golf in Vietnam. With so many businesses moving to Vietnam, the growth of golf here will excel quickly. Living in Saigon the past four years, I have seen a tremendous increase in traffic at various golf courses. I would like to be a part of this tremendous opportunity. If in the event someone can advise me what steps are needed I would be very thankful to meet with someone to discuss any opportunities. Best regards, Michael Gordon

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