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The PGA Show is just days away.  It is a time to see new things, to shake old, familiar hands, and to relish the palm trees and sunshine for a few days.  Are you coming?  What are you planning to accomplish during the time called Show week?  Are you ready?  No matter who is paying for you to come, solid preparation will help you maximize the Show's value for you, and your boss.

  The PGA Show today is so much more than seeing new goods, and writing purchase orders.  It is the place where the industry holds court.  The Show could be about finding smart people to get to know, building an effective network, learning how the successful merchants build great plans, and grabbing ideas from a very large room filled with ideas.  Today, I offer 5 thoughts for the PGA Show.  Please be sure to take good notes all week long on the obvious, and not so obvious.  Be a "noticer."  Add the ideas to your phone, and do not leave them to memory.

  1. Seek out and meet the people who can improve your business, your career, and maybe your life
  2. Listen for the best practices from golf professionals and leaders you spend time with during those days and nights.  Get into the conversation
  3. Plan to move around the town that week.  Visit some of the better golf shops and stores.  Ideas when executed can be worth thousands of dollars.  Grab 5 display/promo ideas for your home use
  4. Look and study beyond the products.  Study the presentations of apparel, headwear, accessories: the color layouts, the set-ups, and how each brand tells their story
  5. Preparation is just about everything.  Over the next week, work on your daily schedule.  Plan to spend time with brands and people you cannot see at home.  Most important, do the things that can improve your 2015 business.

  The PGA Show looks large, feels large, and plays large.  Once you have a plan, you will bring it down to your size, while you maximize your time spent.  Be sure to think about the before and after hours as well.  The industry will be there, waiting to shake your hand and maybe give you the next great secret.....will you be prepared?

*The next several posts will include a 2015 business primer.  I will provide great basics on many aspects of club business.  If you have an issue you would like me to address, please drop me a note  I hope you will enjoy them.


Jack Dillon is the author of the highfives.  Jack is a golf shop expert, a student of how to improve business and the game for women, and an advanced speaker.  Jack loves to talk, so why not get with him about your shop, your rounds, service, or other issues where things need to improve for 2015.  You can reach Jack at  You can call Jack at 407-973-6136.  Thank you for reading.


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