Women....Really? Yes, How Part 2

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  In part 1 of this three part blog, I gave 5 reasons why growing the game with women is a smart idea.  With part 2, I will offer specifics on how to do it.  Bringing new people into the game should have the objective to create lifetime golfers.  In order to create the best environment for women however, it is not solely about the golf.  People come to the game for many reasons, their reasons.  Here is where we must take off our golf expertise hat and learn the best approach in order to create an easy introduction that will serve well for enjoyment of the game.  As you put together your spring and summer clinics be certain to build comfort into all you do for the new women golfers.  Long before you introduce the grip, alignment and stance, you should be thorough with a pre-golf routine.  Here are 5 thoughts on building an effective program:

  • Work to have the entire staff be part of the program.  This is not only about the golf operations' team, but the superintendent and the food & beverage staff.  Every person should be on board in order to build the atmosphere
  • With new golfers, especially women, coming to your club for the first time, plan to meet them in the parking lot and provide a tour of the facility, as you would a perspective member.  Your clinic has begun there in the parking lot and clubhouse.  Make comfort job #1 for all
  • Have a classroom session as a part of the first event.  Creating an atmosphere of fun with a wonderful social setting, can go a long way to keeping women involved as the sessions get tougher
  • Be certain to lay out the program as well as the "homework" commitment of practice.  Think about assigning mentors to your new golfers.  Mentors will be important when frustration sets in
  • In the lesson plan, be certain to have parts that include: how to operate a cart, where to stand during shots, and the process before a shot.  It is also important to have a walking session early in the series, defining each part of the golf hole.  Finally, equipment to a new golfer is the great unknown.  Create easy to understand information sheets about golf clubs.

As golf experts, I believe we assume too much about new players.  Get to know the new golfers, understand their interests, and over time help each set goals within the game.  Many women want to play golf.  For you to build a curriculum known for creating interest, it is vital to have comfort, fun, social, and a program of sincere encouragement in play every time.  Many women will come to the game, it will take more than good swing instruction to get them to stay. 



As a LPGA PGA Teaching professional, I am still amazed how much the women in the game have been passed by, this is great stuff...

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