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The golf business continues to be a hard place to succeed.  There are so many things that come at you each and every day.  As you work through your play book, what are the things that keep you up at night?  What are those things that give you a lousy feeling in your stomach, things that seem to overwhelm you?  Although there are dozens of things that can creep into this conversation, there are some areas that should always be at the top: not things that keep you up at night, but the areas of priority that will make the most difference in your daily cash flow.  Here are my 5 thoughts.  Let's see if we can agree:


  1. The golf course is your product.  It should be in good shape, look good and be playable for your average customer.  There are far too many golf courses today that frustrate the user and which do not provide a great experience.  As you toss & turn, think plan to review your course with the eyes of every constituent.  Remember women, older folks and juniors.  Everyone counts!
  2. Your employees are the people who will create loyalty through their care and service.  Are you doing everything you can to educate, develop, and grow the team?  People make the difference: no matter which way the elevator is moving
  3. The experience of playing your course should be one that provides fun, some giggles, thrills, and a memory or two.  Develop a program where golfers can find each other at your club.  Golfers will play more golf, if they have friends to play with.  Become a matching service for those folks who are solo but want to play more......and not as a single
  4. Clean and fresh are overlooked values.  Be the exceptional club.  Be the club where every key aspect is managed, nutured, and in order.  People will notice.
  5. Work on nice.  Work with the team on being extra nice each and every day.  Working in service is being on stage.  Develop programs that teach your team to serve well, no matter the circumstances.  Manage nice, recognize nice, and reward nice.  All of this will pay off.

  As you think about the many things that matter, work hard to develop and take hold of the things within your control.  Since you cannot control weather, prices down the street or other similar variables, work on the things totally in your vision.  Be sure to create the best golf experience in the area.  Then make it better & better......and never stop!


Jack Dillon writes the highfives blog.  Jack is a golf expert and a successful speaker.  Reach Jack at 407-973-6136.  Jack lives in Orlando.  Thank you.


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