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The issue of production is a daily conversation in the world of work each and every day.  In this modern age, the people hired seem to want more and more, while some of the hiring folks seem to offer less and less.  Another change in this modern world is the term or terms we have for those people we hire.  When I first wanted to get into this great business, I wanted a job.  I wanted to be an employee who could learn, improve, and move up.  Today, we have so many other names beyond the word employee.  Employees might be called staffers, associates, team members, even cast members.  Frankly, I am here to say this is all pretty silly.  Let's please call them what they are: people.  Men and women like you and me, who want to locate a position with a safe firm that will offer them the means to support themselves and their loved ones.  People, who have 24/7 lives.  People, who probably have many skills and talents.  This post is a simple request to understand your staff members (or whatever) as the people they are.  Here are my 5 thoughts about the people on your team:


  1. From the very start of their employment, work to learn about each member of your staff.....the whole member
  2. Know that when you hire me, you hire all that I am, even beyond the skills you desire.  If I have a sick family member at home, that will impact my 24/7 life
  3. Learn about their interests, their other talents, and their dreams.  When you show you care, they will respond in kind
  4. Create a work schedule for all that can work for their 24/7 lives as you can.  Yes, you have a club to run, but when you build schedules to help people, they will help you back
  5. The more you create a team that understands your mission, and communicates it well throughout their day, the better the levels of learning, serving, and caring.

  At the end of the day, you are hiring and leading people not employees, team members, or staff.  Respect them all you can.  Be the leader they may have yet to have, and watch service, smiles, and revenues soar!


Jack Dillon writes this post.  Jack would love to speak at your next people meeting.  Call Jack at 407-973-6136.  Thank you. 

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