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This is another in the series of key topics to improve operations.  How many times have you entered a retail location, wanting to make a significant purchase, and not only were you not served, you were not even acknowledged by staff.  Like me, you probably felt anger.  You might have even felt small, almost invisible.  You could not wait to leave and wipe the dust of that store off your shoes....forever.  While you made this decision, store management had no idea they lost a customer for life!  Service is a personal issue.  The world has grown in places to buy things, but has yet to learn how to serve the buyer, at the level of their expectations.  You can create a place where we want to play golf!  It is not only about course conditions: it is about the way you make us feel.

  This post is about the personal side of service.  It is about recognizing every person who is a buyer, as more than a buyer.  It is not only about training, and developing great service standards, it starts long before.  Hiring is the most important role of management.  If you seek out, locate, and hire people who understand the values of personal service, the execution part is far easier.  Hiring right is also one of the toughest jobs.  It takes amazing patience to keep looking.  Once you put a better team on the field, you can then write a far better service script.  Here are 5 thought about recognition:

  1. Every member/guest is important, no matter their spending habits or frequency.  Golfers are the reason for the day, never an interruption.  Treat each as if they are your only customer!
  2. Develop a program where every staff member works to understand who that golfer is.  Using a member's name should be a must.  Getting to know your frequent players makes them feel very good about your team, and your operation.  Treat them as a $42.00 fee, and they will seek $41.00 service at another facility.  Value the person, not their ability to spend
  3. Teach a system of solving issues right where they are, and with every staff member.  Knowing that you have hired the right people provides great confidence in not bringing the "manager" in as the hero.  Allow every staffer to solve the concern where it is.  Empowerment works, and creates a unique trust within your team
  4. Recognizing every golfer, communicating with them throughout their day, by all staff, will show them they are valued by your facility, and not only by a few nice people.  In addition to recognition, respect is a large service value.  If a business shows respect for every customer, the air in the room is happier
  5. When the team all rows in the same service direction, the opportunity to earm more business exists each and every day.  Start each day (shift) with a 15 minute meeting reminding all about respect and recognition.  We all need reminding.  We all get off our games

  Once you have the best team possible, now treat each as you will treat your customer.  People really do not want to leave jobs.  If they have respect, fair pay, and hope for advancement, plus recognition for their efforts, you just might build a long-term Super Bowl champion.  Give the people on your team things to look forward to.  Give them recognition.  Give them rewards.  Know that most of the time reward size does not matter.  It is about the win.  Finally, write lots of thank you customers, to staff.  You can make your facility the place to truly is about recognition.


Jack Dillon writes the highfives series.  He is a golf shop expert.  Jack is a writer and speaker who is an Advanced Speaker with Toastmasters International.  You can reach Jack at  You can call Jack at 407-973-6136.  Jack lives in Orlando, Florida.

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