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Golf as a game is the best.  Golf as an industry is a business, a business that must be worked each and every day.  As a very young man I was lucky, the industry found me and I have never left.  Back then, during the mid-70's, the golf business was a very small industry.  Although we know golf as the greatest game, it was a niche sport.  There were around 11 million golfers.  The brands were from small to large, but just about all of them were privately held.  Back then there was a lot of unemployment throughout several industries, but with strong unions, people out of work played golf, during those down times.  Yes, it was a very different era.

  Somewhere as we left the 80's and drifted towards the Tiger era, the industry become large.  It attracted companies both on and off Wall Street.  We somehow became a vast business with 20 plus million golfers (playing one round per year or more), with new golf courses (and housing developments) in every community in this country.  The feel of the business became much different.  Instead of golf people running golf companies, we had steel people, fragrance people, snack people and more.  Everyone now looked at golf as a numbers game much larger than 18.  People were now attempting to turn a niche sport into very different business.  Instead of buying our professional equipment from the golf professional at the pro shop, we could now go to super stores, sporting goods stores, and big box stores.  It seemed that most parts of golf became oversized......almost supersized.

  Please know this blog post is to tell you that the game is is truly alright.  It is still that niche sport, and just because some people could not make money in this business, does not make it a declining game.  People will always be attraced to golf: men, women, and juniors.  There are thousands of high school teams, college teams, and a bizillion kids who want to play with mom and dad.  Alright, we will not have 50 million golfers playing anytime soon.  It was never going to happen, it was never meant to be.  Relax and think about how you are going to fill your tee sheet and serve your golfers better than anyone else.  Here are 5 good thoughts on golf:

  1. people love the feel of a good golf shot.  That will always be there
  2. the game is a great place to enjoy time with the family, in the great outdoors
  3. it is an amazing way to conduct business
  4. fans will turn in to watch The Masters next April and every April no matter who is building and selling golf equipment
  5. golf is a local business and still the greatest game.  Now, go out and create a grand experience at your facility, and know your are in control.

Jack Dillon writes the highfives blog.  Jack is a professional speaker, golf shop expert, and student of  building a better industry for women.  Contact Jack at 407-973-6136 or at  Thank you.



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