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  The definitions of the term merchant include: a storekeeper, a retailer, a local merchant who owns a shop on Main Street.  Sam Walton of Wal-Mart was a merchant, as were the original Nordstrom brothers who started the Nordstrom chain of stores in another time in America.  They brought goods and services to America and Americans.  Today, I believe there is the opportunity for you to become a strong merchant right there, in your golf shop.  In the midst of e-commerce, big box stores, and chains who sell golf, you can serve your golfers well, while making a profit, and enhancing the entire club.

  The golf shop is the pure modern retail space for golf.  Instead of giving in to competitors, you can stand up and stand out through personal attention, fitting, service during and after the transaction, all while showing your customers how to enjoy their game and equipment every round.  You can become the modern golf merchant.  Today, this post tells about creating a very unique personal experience for your members and golfers.  Here are several thoughts, providing ways to enhance your space, your equipment, and your business.  There is no doubt you and your team can excel.

Thoughts in becoming a golf merchant:

  1. Start with a written set of service standards, taught to all staff, and distributed to all members/golfers
  2. Rebrand yourself with your suppliers.  Tell them you and your shop will be different going forward, providing a new level in the service experience, which they will need to match
  3. Send a personal note with invitation to every member and spouse, inviting them to be a part of your new merchant experience.  Your shop is now about knowing names and helping games each and every day
  4. Begin an education on every supplier brand you stock, and the key items.  Make certain the staff is schooled going forward in all incoming products
  5. Fit everything!  From the driver, to shoes, to golf balls, to fashion, serve the specific need
  6. Look to add services: regripping, repairs, gift wrapping, and corporate services are just some of the new menu items you might add
  7. After each transaction, work with your golfer.  Getting personal, helping people in the game they love will no doubt seperate you from the myriad of pretenders who deal in price, while leaving improvement and long term value behind. 

  Becoming a strong merchant means knowing your golfers, working one on one, and enjoying every experience.  A great merchant works to serve all well.  There is no doubt, you can be a merchant, a great golf merchant.  Enjoy!


  Jack Dillon writes the high fives blog.  Jack is a golf shop expert who can help you today.  You can reach Jack at: 407-973-6136, or



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