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  "Pit Stop": during a race in which a competing car receives fuel, tires, service, or other repairs.  The Pit Stop will last on average 13 seconds.

  We too have a pit stop in golf.  It is at every public access course when men stop for just a few seconds to pay their fee on the way to the range, green, or tee box.  He may buy something, but does not see your merchandise.  This post, unlike many I write here, is about men.  I have managed hundreds of golf shops over several decades and know that men buy......they do not shop.  With men playing at least 80% of the rounds, most of the merchandise is of course for them.  Many golf professionals place thousands of dollars in inventory in the shop, only to mark it down for little or no margin.  It is not the merchadise in most cases, it is the lack of a plan.  This post will provide 5 thoughts on how to manage his pit stop and grow your sales.

                                                                                             5 THOUGHTS ON MANAGING THE PIT STOP

  1. Work with your key vendors on a cooperative sell through plan.  A buying program should be as much about the sell through, as about the buy in.  Use their displays, marketing pieces, and Point of Sale materials to create stories, energy, interest.  The goal is to have men see all of your merchandise
  2. Create great signage!  Use very few words, large font, and colors to capture the eyes.  Any promotional signs should always be dollars off and not percentage discounts.  What is 35% off $86.00? 
  3. Create apparel displays for men that are not perfect, that look "lived-in."  Men will never approach or touch perfect displays.  They cannot fix a display that implodes on them.
  4. Build a focus.  Have departments for your vital categories.  This should include: shoes, gloves, balls, headwear, apparel, and even create a "big hitters" area for XXL sizes and beyond.  Do not scatter goods.  Men will not play scavenger hunt in your shop.
  5. Men buy one: one sleeve, one hat, one shirt.  Where you do create apparel displays, add a few caps, pairs of shoes, peds etc, in order to expand his knowledge of your inventory.  Put apparel outfits together: shorts with matching shirts, etc. 

  Men are arriving to play golf.  With no sales people in public golf, the presentation becomes almost everything.  The shop should present the brands and the goods in a very visible way.  Invite your reps to play a real part in your success.  Make sure they know your mission is to increase the pit stop beyond 13 seconds.  When men see, they may just shop.  Be proactive and create new sales every day.

Jack Dillon is available for presentations, consultations on buying, and on training the shop staff for great results.  He can help your shop or organization with content you can use today.

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