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  Over the past several years, whenever I seem to ask my many golf industry friends how things are going, the answer always seems to come back: "living the dream, Jack!"  Wow, what a great line!  These friends are folks who work at golf courses throughout the US.  They like me, got into the business because of our love for the game.  We may have been a caddy or player as kids, and we wanted to stay a part of this wonderful experience.  In fact, we could not see ourselves doing anything else for a living.

  I have been living the dream since 1973!  The game has brought me a great deal.  More benefits, travel, position, and friends than a 15 year old caddy could imagine.  Although the game and the dream have had some bumps along the route, it is still the road I cherish.  Because so many of us are living the dream, why not think about ways we can help people who want to play the game, execute their dreams?  How can we make sure we leave the game better than when we arrived.  Forty years ago, we did not need to be proactive: today we do.  Here are 5 thoughts to how we can build a better future.

5 Thoughts on advancing the dream:

  1. If you are working at a club, think of ways to bring the neighborhood to the game.  Begin with the entire clubhouse staff.  Create a session or two per week, engaging the people around the game
  2. Talk to your members and golfers.  Tell them you plan to start a junior program that is free to parents.  Begin with three sessions in how to get kids to love the game
  3. Why not start a Living the Dream program, where you educate young people about both playing and working the game, as a career choice?
  4. Become the game improvement champion at the club.  Create after dinner sessions around the practice green.  Teach better chipping & putting skills.  When golfers play better, they will play more
  5. Enjoy your day, every day....keep living the dream!  There will always be negative stories.  Why not be the one who grabs the ball, and goes right up the middle.  The game can grow, but it seems to require a bit of heavy lifting.  Why not step up and make it happen!

  There are many people who want to play golf, and oh so many more who want to play better.  Think about ways you can help them live their own golfing dreams......


Jack Dillon is the author of the highfives blog.  Jack is an expert in thr golf shop, in operations, and in player development.  Why not contact Jack to speak at your next event.  He always carries his dream with him.  You can reach Jack at 407-973-6136 or at



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