The Last Word

Will golf communities ever rebound?

November 11, 2013
By Robert J. Vasilak


Just when you start to believe that the divorce between golf and residential real estate is final, along comes Henry DeLozier to broker a reconciliation.

“As housing continues its recovery,” DeLozier contends in a story for Golf Course Industry, “more golf communities and clubs will be developed because golf courses remain extremely attractive amenities.”

The Last Word on the Tiger Saga

April 13, 2010
By Jack Crittenden

The Masters has provided the perfect ending to the Tiger Woods saga.

Millions of people tuned in to see if Tiger could rise above his personal challenges. In fact, it was the highest-rated Masters since 1991, and one of the most watched Thursday’s ever. Tiger was in contention, which kept people watching into the weekend. And then the golf on Saturday and Sunday was some of the best we have seen in a long time.

Why it's time to forgive Tiger

February 18, 2010

By Jack Crittenden

Thank you Tiger for your apology. Now, hopefully, we can move on.

When we did our first version of the Most Powerful People in Golf in 1999, we ranked Tiger Woods third, based on the promise of what he could accomplish. Tiger was young, and promised to bring in a legion of new followers to the game – people who were younger and more diverse. Unlike any other player at that age, he started a foundation to promote the game and he seemed committed to serving others in this capacity.

Tiger's now a punch line, not a savior

December 15, 2009
A few days ago, a highly placed industry executive and I were chatting when he asked,  “What are you going to do with the Tiger story?” After I stopped laughing at the flattering implication that either I or Golf Inc. could “do” anything with the Tiger Woods story, which was changing faster than a stock ticker, I did ponder whether it was humanly possible to come up with a take that might be even remotely fresh or insightful.

A divorce and a shotgun wedding

November 8, 2009
A number of golf industry observers have predicted for some time that the worldwide economic tsunami would leave a deposit of consolidation plays in its wake. Many speculated that would involve some of the larger and better heeled ownership and management companies swallowing up all or parts of the course portfolios of more financially strapped groups. Thus far, that has not been the case.

The show must go on

May 17, 2009

In times of economic depression, recession, cessation, concession or just plain messin' up by the Wall Street greed-mongers or our governmental regulators who would mistake a Midwest funnel cloud for a gold-bearing rainbow, it may not be fair to judge golf's annual 1-2 punch of industry gatherings.

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