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March 12, 2017
By Jack Dillon

There is an old song by the title: "Those Were The Days."  In the song there is a line that sings: "guys like us, we had it made.....those were the days."  It is a old song about the good ole' days, as many older folks tend to assemble in their minds.  As it relates to golf, there were some good ole' days, and I remember them well.  Golf in the US caught several tail winds beginning after WW II.  Because we were just about the only nation building things, jobs were aplenty, television and Arnie showed up together, and people wanted to play.  There were not too many courses then, or golf bra


January 15, 2017
By Jack Dillon

As we begin a brand new year with new budgets, new round and revenue goals and the plan to exceed all of the above, let's also keep an eye on another very key attribute: fun!  Yes, the golf property is a business and you must make the business work for the owners, especially if the owner is you.  I am here to be that other voice in your ear, the one that says: " golf is a game that people come to play for the enjoyment, the competition, the fun."  We should never allow this ideal to stray too far from the business day.  There is no doubt that I believe the golf course prov


December 28, 2016
By Jack Dillon

Another year is coming to a close.  The year in golf has been a noisy one and a tough one for many.  When anyone loses a job, I think of how it might have been avoided.  Most forest fires begin very small, and we miss the signs of what is ahead.  That also holds true for organizations that get into trouble.  The issues generally begin small, and away from the everyday grind.  One day, the numbers fall a bit short and all begin to panic and move to the other extreme.  Finally, decisions are made by management that may cost many jobs, and therefore put families into crisis.  I believe jobs sh


December 11, 2016
By Jack Dillon

One of the best TV shows of the 1980's was Cheers.  It was the story about a bar, its owner, staff, and patrons.  The theme song for the show was one of the best.  The famous line of the song is: "where everybody knows your name."  However, the next line is the subject for this post.  We are a service economy, and have owned this title for many years.  With all of the service jobs and service training, it seems we just cannot get service right....the way customers expect it should be.  That next line: "and they're always glad you came" tells of a staff that cares about the patrons and alway


November 20, 2016
By Jack Dillon

We have been told that we are A SERVICE ECONOMY.  When you go out shopping, does the store you are in feel like it is part of this economy?  Service feels poor or at best less than adequate to me, no matter where I shop.  This post is about service....and how to set up your shop to give very real, personal, grand service.  First I believe service is a management issue! I do not blame the folks on the floor for their lack of passion, their lack of knowledge or their poor attitude.  I blame leadership.  Managers need to set and create the standard, and then hold peop


October 30, 2016
By Jack Dillon

Business today is so much about trial and error.  We seem to spend so much of the day in the dark. To move beyond the dark, serve up a sales program that works. As the team moves to grow rounds, members and more, what have you done to create a complete plan around the selling process?  Have you built a program for the entire team to encourage sales, to build upselling, and to measure the actions of all team members?  It is truly important that all staff members know they are responsible for sales.  We don't need to identify the role as a salesperson (as so many people do not like t


October 16, 2016
By Jack Dillon

Last week I attended a concert with my wife at one of the world class theme parks here in Florida.  The crowd was so large we were forced to stand.  Throughout the concert a little girl about 4 kept running back & forth between her Mom and Dad looking for praise and recognition.  This went on for several minutes.  It was not only fascinating to watch, it gave me my theme for this post.........Recognition.  This little girl wanted her Dad to pay attention to her and ring praise upon her.  It worked!  Dad did so throughout the show, and the little girl was very happy.  As I planned this p


September 25, 2016
By Jack Dillon

The title of this blog is part of a quote, a curse actually.  The complete curse or quote is: "May you live in interesting times."  It has been stated as a very old Chinese curse, although after some reading, it is more a rumor than an actual Chinese curse.  It is however a very appropo quote for these times in the lives of all who work in golf.  In fact, if you have been a part of our industry during any of the past 15 years, you have lived and worked in very interesting times.  No more however than our present day.  Because you are an insider, you know the real story of our game as an ind


September 11, 2016
By Jack Dillon

As you work hard each and every day to fill your tee sheet as well as build sales throughout your property, you are probably competing with those local newspaper ads offering golfers the special deal of the day.  The competitor(s) may offer a down & dirty rate or they may throw in a free meal to drive the deal home.  In the industry of golf where we are at the mercy of weather, high costs for upkeep, and a world where busy is the to-do list of everyday, how do we grow the business?  Have you and your team looked at the guests who play each day?  Do you know who they ar


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