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Operating a successful golf club is not an easy task.  There are things that are critical in your day, and other things vital to your day.  This post is about 5 essentials that will help you to keep people in focus as you manage the daily to-do list, and then the emergencies that rob you of so much of your day.  Although these 5 essentials are not the biggest to-dos for your list, they will help you build your success today, and for the longer term.  I urge you to turn your to-do list upside down and begin to put people (members/staff) first.  When you do, you will see a great change in so much of your business.  You can find time to get the work done in each day.  It is the people that make the work matter.

  Here are 5 essentials that are really important, yet so many people never seem to get to them.  As you review this list, step back and see how reframing your to-do list can improve the club.  Here they are:


  1. Begin to spend more time recruting staff.  Spend much more time looking for and talking to potential team members.  A good time to be recruiting is when you have no openings.  There is no emergency and you can spend that extra time to search for the better candidates.  Finding people with skills aand talent is one thing: finding these people who will fit into your culture is the goal.
  2. Each day be certain to spend a great chunk talking with golfers and staff.  Having informal discussions with everyone on property will help you in building deep relationships.  These relationships help when dues must be raised or layoffs must take place.  When people know you are for real, that you are honest, and know you have their best interest at heart, they will spend more money as golfers, and work with more passion as staffers.
  3. Create reward ceremonies for the team.  Set up monthly or quarterly meetings with awards, food, and fun.  Small and not so small awards will be cherished for a long time.  Be sure to reward the good tries as well.  It is not the size that matters that you care.
  4. Thank your golfers.  Show them each day that you value each as a member.  Thank them for belonging to your club, and do it often.  Have you ever been thanked too much for your business?  The more you appreciate business, the more business will find its way to you and your club.  Think about sales beyond the dues, and work on the relationships, not the sales techniques.
  5. Spread the good word about the game and your club outside of your community.  Join the rotary, chamber, and become a regular speaker in the larger community.  Take your message on the road.  Think about the many venues that can turn into great resources for the club.  Invite business leaders, women's groups, sports coaches, and families to experience the game.  With so many parents rethinking the various sports for their kids, it is time to build golf's story to a larger audience.  If this is not your bag, join a speaking club to teach you the fundamentals, and get going. 

  Work on the essentials for your club, and see magic start to happen.

 Jack Dillon is the author of the highfives.  Jack is a speaker, an expert on merchandise, player developement and sales, especially how to sell to women.  Jack can be reached at 407-973-6136 and at


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