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One of the more serious concerns today about production in the workplace is the question of engagement.  In a recent Harvard Business Review magazine article, it was stated that possibly less than 24% of the US workforce is engaged on the job.  Wow, they are telling us that up to 77 out of every 100 employees are not doing a very good job because they do not feel good about their job.  If this is half correct, it is a very big miss for U.S. firms.  How is your club doing with the engagement issue?  And I have one more question: in addition to staff members engaging with their role and golfers, are you and the managers engaging with staff members?

This post is asking how you and your team are doing in each of their respective roles.  Are the staff members really into service, making a daily difference, happy to be there, and helping to drive sales?  Is the management team out and about, observing and working with team members providing training, support, and mentorship?  I offer 5 thoughts on bringing the volume up on engagement.  Having staff members feeling great about the club, the golfers, and their roles is a vital part of the success story for your club.  Here are my 5 thoughts:

  1. Make it possible for managers to be out of their office to spend time with your people.  Get people away from the computer when the club is busy
  2. Create both a reward system together with a program of accountability for the entire team.  Measure both, and report the findings weekly, more often if very good or poor
  3. Have a monthly meal for the team.  Make this a social time where people are allowed to be people.  Team meals can be a big win for better engagement
  4. Have public reward events.  Present both small and not so small awards in front of the team.  Show them you are proud of their efforts and successes, no matter the size
  5. Be sure you and the managers schedule time working alongside each staff member throughout the quarter.  This allows people to get comfortable with each other

It is time to get closer to your customer, by being closer to the team.  If people are important, it is time to create a system showing everyone how their value is part of the overall success plan for the club.

Jack Dillon write the High Five series.  Jack is a speaker, a merchant, and expert on the woman consumer and player development.  Contact Jack at highfives81@gmail.com, or at 407-973-6136.  Jack speaks about engagement as well as using failure to build your best success.  Thank you.

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