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  We are all familiar with the daily to-do list, where we compile 5-6 important tasks the evening before, and then work to successfully complete them the next day.  Designed to make us more productive, this list is a strong tool when used to help support the enterprise.  Being productive is more critical than ever before in our fast moving world.  Although a round of golf can still take up to 5 hours to complete, the business side of golf continues to move at the fastest pace yet.  As I look at our industry today, I keep asking myself, "are we truly productive in our day?"  Do we move through our days accomplishing the work our organization needs us to do?  What is that work?  Do we know the areas where our production will best help our club, our enterprise the most?  What about the many things that get in the way of our to-do list?  Are we putting together the list that will really move our business forward?  Today, I am going the other way as I discuss the other side of that list......the to-don'ts............

  Here are 5 thoughts to think about, as you plan out your next work day.  In addition to developing your list of daily goals, I ask you to think about the time-wasters, the things that stop you from getting closer to your customer.  Let's look at things you might want to manage as you go through your business day:

  1. If you are at a club, it is important to be in front of your golfers when the tee sheet is humming.  Be visible on the 1st tee, the 18th green, and the golf shop when the business dictates
  2. As you plan your day, be sure to block the times you will work through calls, e-mails, and the things your boss needs you to complete
  3. E-mail can be a great production killer.  Be very proactive when you spend time behind your computer.  Manage your office time with real precision
  4. The way you spend your time is a true measure of your success as a leader.  Be generous with time spent in front of golfers and your team
  5. Work to schedule all meetings, outside of member and customer meetings.  If you allow it, there are those who will work to steal time in your day, including vendors and salespeople.  You must control your calendar.

  So remember, as you build your daily list of things to accomplish, be mindful of things on the opposite side of that scale.  Create a true discipline around your day, and watch what happens.  Your mood and attitude will improve.  Your service will improve, and your golfers will feel a better experience because they gain more than an ear....they gain real recognition.


Jack Dillon is the author of the high fives series.  Jack is a golf shop expert.  He also has worked to develop new golfers and a better environment for women who want to learn the game.  Jack is an advanced speaker who can help you with better basics.  You can reach Jack at  You can also reach Jack at 407-973-6136.  Thank you.

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