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Over the course of a long golf career that is still in progress, I have realized that the sheen of an organization wears off fairly quickly after one comes on board.  Once we understand the organization, its politics, and the many other nuances, the thing that matters next and eventually more than anything is the person you report to: the manager.  In business there are good managers, and not so good managers.  In my case, it took me about 8 years to figure out how to become a decent manager.  Some people never seem to get it and concern themselves only with their advancements and perks, while working off the sweat equity of their people.  Know this: in business what matters is the manager you report to.  This person is the reason we thrive or not.  This person is the reason we stay or go.  In the majority of cases people do not quit on the company......they quit because of their manager!   How do we keep costs down, retain the best people and attract more of the hiring and developing very different leaders.  Amazing leaders to me are those people who care about every member of their team, and yet will accomplish most of their corporate goals while building a group of people that will always work to take care of each other.  Here are five thoughts on creating amazing leaders

  1. the hiring process must be one of the most important parts of your work, and never an afterthought.  Finding and hiring amazing people will help you develop amazing leaders
  2. From the first day, a plan should be in place and communicated that will put those candidates on a strong leadership track
  3. Because the operations team is probably small, give every person who has the aptitude, attitude and will, a chance to lead.  Work with that person on a plan and allow people to make mistakes while they grow
  4. An organization cannot grow without good leaders.  Never have a day off from the plan of leadership development.  Always be working toward amazement with every leadership candidate
  5. Never fail to recognize strong performance, extra hours, as well as going the extra mile.  People love to be recognized, rewarded, and thanked for the extra efforts they show
  6. (an extra) Pay your best leaders well.  Make sure they keep their eyes on their position with you.  You will always want the best working for you.

Jack Dillon writes the highfives post.  Jack is a professional speaker, mentor, and expert in golf operations and merchandise.  Reach Jack at 407-973-6136.  Jack is ready to speak at your next important event.

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