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This is the 3rd in the series on developing a strong golf operation.  This post, we zero-in on the person who drives the success of the business, THE CUSTOMER. Let's call him, the Boss!  As we work to build a strong property, and a great organization, it is important to keep the focus on the people you are working for and why.  It is also vital to develop a communication program that provides detail to your customers on improvements to the club, both large & small.  In addition, this communication program should allow for your staff to listen to every customer, in order to make them feel special, as well as to understand what is and is not working.  After all it makes no sense creating improvements if the Boss does not want them, and is not willing to pay for them.

  This post is about the customer, and thoughts for improving the service program, and the overall attitude of the operation.  Here are 5 thoughts you might want to think about as you move into spring:

  1. create a program where the customer is the reason for the day, and not an interruption in it.  This begins with the hiring process.  Take time before new hires are permitted to create your story
  2. ask this question to customers often: What is the one thing we can do to make this club better for you?  The value of this question is in the fact you want to make it personal
  3. go to the effort to determine who your top customers are, the top 20%.  Once you know precisely who your top spending customers are, build a very specific program for them.  These people drive much of the sales dollars at the club.  Developing a program where they receive VIP treatment, or better yet, being treated as the boss, is critical to the growth of the business.  These people like the club, and are the people most apt to keep it growing.  Create an on-purpose program that rewards their loyalty
  4. create a very real sense of urgency to solving customer issues, solving them quickly!  Great service is everyone's business, and developing a system of excellence should be an every day priority
  5. to create an organization that treats customers as the boss, it is as important to develop a program that will treat the staff member just as well.  If you want a happy club, with high revenue, low turnover, with a very warming atmosphere throughout, create a grand VIP program for customer and staff.  Service to work well, must start by placing all people at the top of the pyramid.

  There are certainly more than 5 ideas on creating a great service story.  Think through both a loyalty system, and a reward system.  Never take a customer or staff member for granted.  Be out and about, learning and listening all throughout the property.  Golf is a game, but the business today is hard.  It will get easier when you put people and the way they are treated first, and at the top of the to-do list, each and every day.


Jack Dillon writes the highfive series, and has for the past 4 plus years.  Jack is an expert on the golf shop, growing the game, and serving women well.  Jack is an advanced speaker with Toastmasters International.  He is always ready to provide your team with great basics.  You can reach Jack at  You can call Jack at 407-973-6136.  He lives in Orlando, Florida.

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