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  I heard these words in a seminar more than 24 years ago.  They stopped me in my tracks!  These words got me to think, long and hard about how I spent my time, and the things I was doing, both on and off the job.  So at the club, I ask you: are you interested or committed to: better service, a qualified staff, more rounds, more new golfers, a better golf shop.......and the strategies to make it all come together?

  What are the areas at the club most important to you, to your members?  How many priorities show up each day?  Many golf courses have too many things they want to do, and without the people to execute at a high level.  So I ask you again: are you interested or committed in building a great golf facility?  Here are 5 thoughts about getting committed to an effort, and doing the same with your team.

5 Thoughts About Being Committed to a Better Operation:

  1. Create a tight focus on a few, really important goals or benchmarks, and drop everything else.  You have only so much time, money, and help.
  2. Set timelines for incremental improvement in each area.
  3. Get your entire team involved.  Create committed champion leaders from among the team to step up and take charge of specific goal targets.
  4. Before you begin, ask the above question of each member of your team.  This will begin to create a bit of good pressure on each of them.
  5. Meet often with the team about the new goals and the more narrow focus.  Ask for continuous feedback and ideas from all team members.  The more you have them take ownership, the more they will.

  With a tough industry, in a long-standing tough economy, we need to be and stay committed to getting better, trying new things, and build a team structure that respects, honors, and recognizes both tries, and successes.  We need people to stay committed to the end and then refocus on the next priority.  I may be interested in a baked potato, but I am committed to my ideal weight!  Cut through the work load, and get to the work that makes the club better.  Now that we are in a new month, hit the reset button, and get the team to move beyond a work day, to building a better work life with you, and for your members.  Create a system and a team that is focused on the few, and not the endless many.  Get focused!  Stay focused!


Jack Dillon writes the high fives blog for Golf Inc.  Jack is a golf shop expert with strong experience in growing the game for women.  Jack is an advanced speaker with Toastmasters International and a top 100 retailer on Twitter.  His passion is to grow the game, make it more FUN, and allow kids to learn more about our game of a lifetime.

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