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  Everyday small and not so small organizations continue to search for the best answers for building new sales and customers.  Over my career, I have sat in meetings where answers were tossed around like baseballs in the hope that all would agree and move the team to a more successful tomorrow.  Sounds great, but it rarely ever happened.  The boss had no better shot at the right answer as the rest of us, but he always became the answer man.  For months now, I have been thinking about answers and their questions.  Instead of the great search for the right answer, I suggest we begin to focus on the right questions to the challenges in today's tough golf climate.

  Therefore this post will not be about providing the right answers to rounds, rate, sales, merchandise, F & B, or membership questions.  This blog post is about questions.  It is a challenge to you the reader, to step back and begin to dig for the better questions to your business issues.  While you are searching, I also suggest that you invite team members, outside of your inner circle, to attend and become a part of the process.  This part alone may prove to be a great answer.

Here are 5 thoughts about questions:

  1. Start by going into each staff meeting with questions, and please eliminate the urge to provide the perfect answers
  2. Personally invite team members to these meetings.  Allow each to actively participate.  Provide an agenda and encourage these team members to come with questions
  3. When was the last time you invited a member or a very good customer to attend one of your meetings?
  4. When was the last time you and your team asked your golfers questions about the property, the service, the course, competitors, as well as changes they would like to see?
  5. Stay away from the "smartest person in the room syndrome."  You can also ask questions, but allow the team members to dig deep and search for the better paths.

  Every staff member comes equipped with a brain.  Go out of your way to share the search for improvement with your team.  You will get some great questions (and answers), and they will feel huge respect for being included in the process.  Each staff members understands their job better than you.  Therefore they each bring a unique vision and viewpoint to the meeting.  Use it for the improvement of all.  The team was hired by you for a reason.  You believed they could contribute much.  Allow the contribution to begin, and never let it end.  Remember that "all of us, is better than any one of us."  It just may be time to bring a new attitude to the meeting.  It even might be time to ask better questions, while leaving the answer person outside the door.  Begin the day with a question mark, and never stop digging.


The highfives blog is written by Jack Dillon.  Jack is head of business development for Volvik USA.  He is also a writer and speaker.  With 4 decades in key positions, Jack is able to offer the better questions, and even some answers to your issues.  Jack is a retail and player development expert.  Contact Jack at or call 407-973-6136.  Jack lives in Florida.

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