5 unique ways to make your course one-of-a-kind

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The golf course is a magical place for members and their guests. It is the place where people of any age will still dream, hope, and always look forward to their next round.  As you and your team continue to look for new ways to bring golfers back, I have a few different thoughts about making the property special for all. One of the grand mistakes I made far too many times in my younger days was to rarely listen to junior staff members. That and other mistakes have been repaired as age has made me realize formerly hidden secrets. Here are 5 unique thoughts about making your property a truly one of a kind golfing place, where your players can feel special, as they have a great time, no matter the numbers on their scorecard. Today’s highfives’ post offers some new ways for your property to become distinct:

1) Have staff spend time on the 1sttee. What a unique opportunity for relationships to be forged. While members wait to play, they spend a few minutes with you and your team. (one person at a time).  This is different than the traditional starter role.

2) Start each day with a common focus: call for a 15-minute work huddle before the shift begins. This can help get everyone’s mind into the day, create a strategy and theme for success. Every staff member on the first shift should be expected to attend.

3) The Idea Wall: carve out at least a 5’ X 8’ section of a wall in the back for a white board. This becomes an area where any staff member can add an idea to improve the property. You can have them add their name or do it anonymously. Use and reward every idea which makes sense for the property.

4) Place a staff member on the 18thgreen as the finisher. The role for this person is to gather feedback from members and guests as soon as the round ends. Feedback is immediate and unfiltered. This is also the spot to invite your golfers into the bar for a cold drink and meal.

5) Work on great basics! Businesses every day try to create or find the holy grail for their business. They believe there are special secrets that if only uncovered, will bring them amazing riches. I suggest that great basics, carried out by every staff member will create a property many will want to join. It is incredibly important to begin with a positive attitude from your chair. Once your team understands the path and expectations, they can follow the trail to success through these basics.

These are 5 simple and unique ideas that may just help create a better property for your members, as well as a better place to work for your staff. Although these are all simple ideas, they can help you create a golf club that is distinct and special for the golfer. Try one or more and see what happens.

Jack Dillon is the author of the highfives series. Jack is a speaker and expert in golf operations, hospitality, and merchandising.  He has been in golf for 46 years.  Jack lives in Orlando.  Contact Jack at 407-973-6136.

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